1973* Morris mini

(1993 Rover mini chrome edition)




CA Compliant!

Engine Size: 1275cc A+

Mileage: 37,000

Gearbox Type: Manual (Rod Change) 

Fuel Delivery Type: Carbureted 

Color: Metallic Teal / White

Drive Side: LHD

Optional Equipment: Power Brakes, Front Spotlamps.

Major Items Needed: None.

Here is a very unique mini. This bodyshell is actually a 1993 Rover Mini "Chrome Edition", although it is titled as a 1973 Morris. It started as a German domestic market car, that received a special "Chrome Edition" package. We only know of 3 around the globe with this, but we are sure there are more. It was purchased by someone in the Netherlands, where it spent most of it's life, only arriving to the states a few years ago. Powered by it's originally SPI equipped 1275, It now is carbureted with some extra goodies like a performance exhaust and induction system. Manual transmission, low rust, good paint with only some minor scratches, and a super clean interior. The perfect car for someone who wants something special but not expensive.

Outside we see a chrome bumper extension with twin fog lamps mounted to it. The paint scheme consists of a very neat metallic blue / teal color, with white top. Obviously, the chrome name bares resemblance to the chrome flares and trim found on this car, along with the side striping being chrome tape. It is riding on very clean Rover 12" alloy wheels, with good condition Yokohama A539s.

Inside the interior is near spotless, being fitted with standard grey cloth panels and seats, It has received the wood dash upgrade, and bares a cooper steering wheel. A functional radio is mounted in the dash too. Also exclusive to this mini, we find a tinted sunroof perfect for getting that extra breeze. Surrounding the interior are nice alloy type handles and fittings as well.

Underhood sits this cars original 1275 engine, which has been reverted back to carburetion. Due to that it also has a performance exhaust, intake, and other bits and bobs. The ignition system is all renewed and upgraded, and many of the hoses have been replaced with braided lines. There are a few oil seeps, and the 2nd gear synchro is in the beginning stages of wear, but overall this is a sound mini.