1978 Leyland mini Cabriolet




CA Compliant!

Engine Size: 1310cc A+

Mileage: 47,000

Gearbox Type: Manual (Rod Change) 

Fuel Delivery Type: Carbureted 

Color: Blue

Drive Side: RHD

Optional Equipment: Removable Soft Top, Weber Carb.

Major Items Needed: Lighting.

Here we have an odd one, This is a custom Cabriolet mini, complete with a slide-back soft top. It can be up completely, slid back to only the rear, or removed completely. This mini has alot of money in it, and is ready to rock. Perfect for cruising around and feeling the breeze, and it is sure to get plenty of looks!

This mini is finished in a glamorous royal blue with chrome accents and flares. It is riding on rose pedal alloy wheels mounted with A539s in good shape. The front headlamps are super bright LED styled, which light up the night sky. The top is made of weather proof cloth that stays cool in the summer, and won't crack in the winter. It slides back and snaps off for roadster use, but still retains the door pillars and a cross bar for structure. 

Inside we find a very plush, handmade interior. The whole dash has been padded with a diamond lattice pattern, a custom consol has been fitted, along with matching panels. The Recaro seats are colormatched to the body and are very comfy.  Polished alloy trim lines the inside, even on the steering wheel. The shifter boot proudly wears the flag of Ecuador, as that is the owners home country.

Powering this little cab is a recently installed 1310 engine, fitted with a weber DGV 32/36 Carburetor, and plenty of performance upgrades. That is married to a rod change shifter that scoots along nicely and just hums down the freeway. There are no present issues except for some intermittent lighting issues that we would be happy to take a look at for you.

This is a very special mini, fit for a special person. It is very odd to find these models, so get this one now before you have to pay to make one from scratch!

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