1987 Austin mini 1000




CA Compliant!

Engine Size: 998cc A+

Mileage: Unknown

Gearbox Type: Manual (Rod Change) 

Fuel Delivery Type: Carbureted 

Color: Black / White

Drive Side: RHD

Optional Equipment: None

Major Items Needed: Tyres, Suspension, Clutch

    This little mini was imported from Japan years ago and parked for a long time. It just got back on the road after its recent service. It has a clean AZ title, and would be a great mini for someone on a tight budget that is not scared of a little body work.


     On the outside is has some unique touches like the molded in flares, and side seam delete. On the rear it has received MK II lights, along with a flip down plate. The paint has a bit of cracking near the body work, and there is a bit of rust spots along the seams and door bottoms. It rides on silver 6x12 minilite wheels with older tyres. Please note, the tyres do hold air, but are deemed as roadworthy, and it is recommended that they be replaced.

     The interior of this mini is actually in pretty good shape. It has some custom white vinyl upholstery with a custom centre console.

The steering wheel is an ever-so-popular wooden Moto-lita. Dash has been converted to a centre clock style, with new gauges. 

     The engine is a standard 998 engine coupled to a rod change gearbox. New spark plugs, wires, and distributor cap, have been fitted, along with a brand new battery, radiator cap, and it has just received an oil service. This mini is smooth and simple. The engine runs great, shifts smooth, brakes work very well, and it has a racey tone to it. It will require some undercar work, as it is a bit noisy over bumps, as well as a clutch, as it has chatter.

     In essence this is priced due to it's condition, and would make a great toy for someone on a tight budget.