1989 Rover mini




CA Compliant!

Engine Size: 998 A+

Mileage: 37000

Gearbox Type: Manual (Rod Change) 

Fuel Delivery Type: Carbureted 

Color: Black / White

Drive Side: LHD

Optional Equipment: Power Brakes.

Major Items Needed: Tyres.

      This little mini will put a smile on your face! It is great for someone who wants a LHD roll up window car, or someone that wants a fun toy for a low price. It drives really good, and with a tad bit of TLC it would be a great daily! Clean AZ title, ready to rock. 

     The outside of the car does have a few trouble spots. Various small areas of rust on the seams, with some oxidation on the chrome. The sills have been replaced before, and there is no heavy rust in the underside. The RH door does have a large chunk of filler flaking off as pictured. The roof also has a small area with the clear coat peeled away. Apart from that the paint has a decent shine to it, and is dent free. It has been fitted with small flares, wing mirrors, and lowered. It is also sporting some over-riders on the front and rear bumpers, as well as glass marker lamps for that old school look. To complete it we find Mk II rear lamps and cooper badges. It is riding on 12" Steel wheels with old winter tyres that will need to be replaced to be considered reliable.

     Inside we find a clean, but standard interior, although the headrests are missing. The door hardware has been replaced with a polished set for that nice touch, along with a custom bias shifter. The steering wheel is the ever so popular moto-lita type, which pairs well with the Mk I/II dashboard conversion. The gauges are not genuine smiths, however, so the temp gauge is currently not functioning, which we would advise replacing before any long drives.


     Powering this mini is a 998 A Plus engine that surprisingly has quite a bit of snap to it! This is coupled to a rod change manual gearbox, which shifts smooth with no signs of synchro wear, and the clutch feels great- thanks to it's new hydraulic components. The engine just recieved an oil service before it left too, so another thing not to worry about! All fluids are clean and full. The only issues we found were very small things like oil leaks and an air filter, along with our recommendation of a Mega Cool kit installation. The fan is also mounted the wrong way around, but it is not having trouble cooling currently. 

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