1990 Rover mini city




CA Compliant!

Engine Size: 998 A+

Mileage: 24000

Gearbox Type: Manual (Rod Change) 

Fuel Delivery Type: Carbureted 

Color: Green / White

Drive Side: RHD

Optional Equipment: A/C, Power Brakes.

Major Items Needed: Tyres, 3rd Gear Synchro

      This cheap little JDM mini is perfect for someone just getting into Minis or someone who is on a tight budget. Although fitted with factory A/C that blows ice cold, it is placed behind the passenger glovebox door, a popular modification that allows one to hide the A/C vents for shows. Clean Title, showing 38k km on the speedo. 

     The exterior of the car is decent and the paint would come out to it's shine with some light polishing, although it does have a few scratches and a trouble-spot on the drivers door that has been painted over so it is less noticeable. The body is however relatively rust free, as most JDM cars are. It has been fitted with color matched flares and chrome molding along the sides. It has been fitted with wing mirrors as well. Front glass markers have replaced the bubble plastic lamps for that custom touch. It is riding on factory 12" Rover Minilites mounted with some older tyres, that we recommend replacing. 

     Inside is in very good condition. The seats are factory black cloth, as well as fitted with factory door panels. The dash is of the Mk I copycat wood overlays, however it is in wonderful shape, with no large cracks or bubbling- a rare sight. It does have some small fractures under the speedo, as nearly all do. As mentioned, the A/C controls and vents are hidden behind the passenger glovebox, a very popular thing to do. After it's new condenser was fitted, the A/C blows nice and cold. Another interesting quirk on this Mini is it's shifter. It is a very long angled quick-shifter similar to the rally drivers like to use. 

     As far as mechanical components go, this mini has had quite a bit of work done to it already. We have done a fresh full service on the car, replaced the belts, hoses, and installed our Mega Cool Cooling system upgrade- so you can be sure it will run nice and cold in the summer. The head gasket has just been replaced, along with a new set of valve seals, studs, gaskets, and valve adjustment. It is also equipped with a Luminition wire set and upgraded coil. (Be aware pictures do not show all of the new components). The only downside to this powerplant is the ever-so-common worn synchro, which in turn causes some noise intermittently in third gear. As long as you double clutch or shift slowly, this condition doesn't show itself. Repair requires a gearbox overhaul, which we would be happy to do on a discount for this car.