1991 Rover mini Cooper




CA Compliant!

Engine Size: 1275 A+

Mileage: Unknown

Gearbox Type: Manual (Rod Change) 

Fuel Delivery Type: Carbureted 

Color: White

Drive Side: RHD

Optional Equipment: Power Brakes.

Major Items Needed: Clutch Hydraulics, Brakes, Maintenance.

Here is a very low priced mini, ready to be picked up and loved. It was originally from the UK, and you may have seen it many years ago, as it has appeared in Mini World Magazine. It has many custom touches to make it stand past the norm, without outreaching. If you are looking for a car that you can slowly restore, but still have something to drive and don't want to break the bank- look no further. 

Outside this mini is finished in a snow white paint, and kind of a unique front end for a saloon model, as this front grille is of the pup / van style. Black group 2 flares are fitted along the sides, as well as some unique lamps, all frosted clear. It rides on older Falken tyres with faux whitewalls, mounted on red steelies. A very 50's looking vibe on this one. 

Inside someone has fit BMW MINI seats, which actually fit pretty well in the classics. So they add a bit of modern comfort. The dash has been changed to a Centre binnacle, and the parcel shelf was wrapped in black carpeting. The floor carpeting and door panels are both new, and the black and red fit the color scheme well. 

Underbonnet we have a pretty standard 1275. It appears to have a stage 1 kit fitted to it, along with a minifin rocker cover. The engine starts up immediately and runs healthy, The clutch hydraulics are in need of replacement, as the clutch pedal is very low feeling, as well as the braking system suffering from the same issues, However- With some careful footwork, it is driveable as is.

It also needs some leaks fixed, and just general upkeep. All of which, we can help with, as we are offering a 10% discount on all labor on this mini for 3 months!

All in all, it is hard to find a mini that can run and drive, this complete, for a price as low as this one. Hurry and swoop it up!