1967 Austin cooper*




CA Compliant!

Engine Size: 1275cc Pre A+

Mileage: 17,000

Gearbox Type: Manual (Rod Change)

Fuel Delivery Type: Carbureted 

Color: Blue / White

Drive Side: LHD

Optional Equipment: None

Major Items Needed: None

     This MK I mini is one of our newest arrivals. It is receiving a rebuilt 1275 engine and a rebuilt rod change gearbox included with the price. Clean Title, Low miles. We are unsure of what exactly this Mk I is as there is no VIN to decode, just titled of the body tag. By decoding these tags, we have determined it is in fact a Cooper. It is fitted with an original looking 130mph speedometer & fitted with hydrolastic suspension.

     Outside it is finished in an iris blue and white roof. We almost want to claim the paint as original as it has some modest fading on the boot, and looking at the hinges- some rust has shown thru without any primer or filler. The body has some areas with rust poking thru, but for the cars age it is not abnormal. Replacement of the hinges and some panels can refresh everything. The glass is all intact without issues. The wheels are a chrome minilite style with newer Falken FK-07E Tyres.

     The interior is a little mixed up. The dash is utilizing an ash-wood bezel, and fitted with a red motolita racing wheel. Rear seat appears to be a later type basic seat, with the fronts being older cloth cobras. The fabric does have some tears in it. The cream colored door cards and headliner are in great shape. 


     Under the bonnet will be one of two things, if you opt for the roller, it will have nothing! If you would like us to fit our fully rebuilt power unit at the advertised cost, this mini will be powered by a 1275 Pre A-Plus engine, utilizing a twin HS2 set up just as a cooper would have. Coupled that to an A-Plus Rod Change gearbox, and you have one good powerplant! It will be painted MOWOG green and made to look relatively standard, unless requested differently ahead of time. We can also build the engine to your standards before it is installed.

     These Mk I minis are getting very scarce in the nearing times, don't let your potential dream mini fall thru your fingers! Give us a call today and see what we can build for you!