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1968 Morris Mini Australian Panel Van

Engine: 1330cc A+ 

Fueling: HIF44 Carburetor

Top Speed: 98mph+

Gearbox:  Helical Cut Rod Change 5 Speed 

Power: 100hp (Estimated)

Colors: Ford Velocity Blue Metallic / Ford Vapor Silver Metallic

Interior: Newton Commercial / Custom

Instrumentation: Smiths (CAI)

Wheels: 10x6 Mamba

Tires: Yokohama A032R

Wiring: AAW Custom

Brakes: F 7.5" Slotted Disc / EBC Green - R Alloy Drum w/ Mintex Shoe Set

Suspension: Red Dot Cones / MS Adjustable Suspension / KYB AGX Adj Shocks

Mystique is a pretty rare sight here in the states. This is a genuine round nose Aussie panel Mini. It was brought to the USA and poorly repainted, as well as converted to LHD. It sat in TX for awhile until we located it. It was part of the Slominski collection for a year or so until sold. The new owner happily wanted to dive into a full build, so first order of business was to strip the bodyshell down. Most of that was already done for us, so we removed the remaining trim, interior, and glass. The original 998 pre A+/ magic wand power plant was removed and we sourced a 1275 A+ core. The bodyshell was installed on our LWB jig and was sent to the blast shop. Once returned we set off to repair all rust. Luckily this van was pretty stout going from desert to desert, and thus we only needed to replace the front panel, front pans, door bins, and lower rear doors. Once completed it was sent off for paint. Finished in a stunning Ford Velocity Blue metallic on the bodyshell and flares, the equally as stunning roof and trim color was sprayed in Ford Vapor Silver metallic. This Mini's underbody was coated in a black underguard / rock chip coating to protect it up in Washington.


Upon receival of the shell we got to work installing the sound deadening mat, and shortly after fitting our wiring junction box. We used an American Autowire HW22 kit for this build, creating a fully custom harness that was hand loomed. Taking care to provide provisions for our aux electric fan and air horns, we also created custom wiring looms for our gauges and switch panel. One cool feature is the blue LED halo switches, and the togglable standard and musical air horn. All lighting was fitted with LED bulbs. The subframes and suspension was fully powdercoated, and fitted with all new hardware. We rebuilt the front and rear arms and installed the subframes and suspension bits. All new brake and fuel lines were also fitted. 

The powerplant core was fully stripped down and sent off to machining before paint, and it was by this time we received it back. We started by repainting all the components in MOWOG green for that period look. Taking care to check all our clearances we assembled the rotating assembly and file fit the rings for our new Swiftune die cast pistons. Then it was time to fit our hardened tappets and SW8 cam and adjustable lightened timing set. We timed the cam in and snugged everything down. Then came time to fit our hand ported head with big boy valves. On that went and we topped it up with some 1.5 ratio roller rockers. The new 5 speed gearbox was installed, and we shimmed and fitted our drop gear set and housing, then installed the lightened flywheel and uprated clutch. Once all together it was time to install. 

After the engine was in, we could assemble the new axles and joints, then get our front hubs and new brakes on. The masters were fitted and we could get our brake and clutch systems operable. Then came the fuel system. Some more trim and badging was fitted and we could install our Mega-Cool system to keep this road rocket cool. After we got the dash together it was time to pop our cluster in and test it. The engine was broken in and tuned. With that complete it was time to shift focus to the interior. We installed the headliner, then glass. The doors were fitted, and we rebuilt the quarterlite windows with new seals. Those and the roll down glass were fitted, then door panels and hardware. Meanwhile the carpet was fitted and trimmed. The seats were stripped down, repainted, and we installed new foam and diaphragms for our upholstery. Once together and looking plush they too were fitted. All remaining trim and the little roof vent was fitted. Now it was time to put our mamba wheels on and fit flares. We went with group 2 arches for this and they filled out perfectly for that nice stance. After final polish it was time to show her off and get some miles on the clock! 

We attended the British Wheels on the Green 2021 show here in AZ as our first showcase. Then the next week it was off to Goodguys to compete in the homebuilt heaven challenge. Shortly after she was all set to head home- but not before a photoshoot. We can't wait to see what this Mini's next adventures will be!

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