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Brand new second gear for some late A+ gearboxes. This gear has 25 teeth and has two grooves cut into the teeth. Be careful if you have a carbureted or early SPI gearbox, as these second gears had 26 teeth and were marked with only one groove. Often times a crunch while engaging a gear is a result of a failed synchro ring, however if left ignored the gear and selector will start to get damaged. Because second gear is usually the most abused, often times it is where this damage is found first. If you see any chipping or broken selector teeth, pitting on the synchro surface, or any wear on the actual helical teeth, it is time to replace the gear.

2nd Gear - A+ 25 Tooth (Some SPI/MPI)

SKU: DAM6240

A+ gearboxes with two groove second gears.

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