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Block gasket set for non-S 1275 engines. Non-S engines have solid rear castings with no tappet covers. Will fit A+ and pre-A+. Contains all of the gaskets you will need from the block down to the gearbox.


Includes: Transfer housing gasket, A+/pre-A+ front plate gaskets, A+/pre-A+ timing cover gaskets, timing cover front seal, 3/4sync gearbox gaskets, half moon seal, oil pickup to block o-ring, oil pump gasket, two fuel pump gaskets, A+/pre-A+ oil filter head gaskets, water pump gasket, two copper sump plug crush washers, relief valve crush washer, and block drain fiber washers. 


Does not include transfer housing gasket for automatics, but can be used for all other gaskets on the automatics.

Gasket Set - Large Bore (Non-S)


All non-S 1275cc engines. 

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