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ARP head stud set for 10 and 11 stud engines, but can also be used with 9 stud engines as you will just have two left over studs. If you are looking for the best engine fasteners you can find, look no further. If you are building any high compression or boosted engine these are a must-have addition.


Kit includes 4 long studs, 7 short studs, 11 thick washers, and 11 flanged nuts, plus 4 smaller studs and nuts for the rocker shaft. Torque specifications and ARP thread compound included.


If you have a 10 stud "S" head (Head that uses one 5/16 bolt) then you will require a seperate head bolt (WC-C-AHT281). 

Head Stud Kit - 11 Stud (ARP)

SKU: 206-4204

All 10 and 11  stud A-series engines. Can use with 9 stud engines.

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