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1965 Austin Cooper




CA Compliant!

Engine Size: 1275cc pre-A+

Mileage: 85,000

Gearbox Type: Manual (Remote)

Fuel Delivery Type: Twin HS2 Carb

Color: Red 

Drive Side: LHD

Optional Equipment: French Market Steering Lock.

Items Recommended: Steering, Suspension. Rust.

This 1965 Austin Cooper is in need of a new home. If you know anything about Mk1 Minis you will see that this is a diamond in the rough. Boasting a very healthy 1275 engine with remote gearbox. This is a great driver quality Mini that starts right up and goes strong as is, and with some rust repair it could be a show stealer! Clean title.

This Utra-rare French market Mk1 Mini has had it's original 998cc cooper engine replaced with a modified 1275cc unit that is very healthy. We don't know all what's done to it, however it feels like it is beefed up a bit and definitely higher up in the power band. She fires right up and runs excellent, pulling strong throughout all the gears. The Hydrolastic suspension rides excellent and has no leakage. Clutch and brakes all in good order, featuring 7.5" discs up front. Multiple performance upgrades have been installed such as the new Maniflow exhaust system. Only real mechanical items are some slop in the steering and she could use some suspension work- common traits of a vehicle this old, but not at all game changing items. 

The exterior paint is overall in really great shape- shining up to a bright cherry red. Roof is featuring that quintessential Union Jack everyone loves. Honestly a good looking paint job. We would like to note that there is rust on the wings and a-panels, as well as a bit of bubbling up on the scuttle ends- all very common areas for rust. The floors have some patchwork, and sills have been covered up with oversills. If interested we can tackle all the metal work for you. Riding on 10" Cosmic style wheels with older but decent A008 tires.

Inside the interior is quite nice. The dash has been changed from the open parcel shelf to a wood overlay type. Seats are nice and plush still with very little wear showing. And the door cards and headlining have been dyed black. Also the dash rails are still covered in vinyl that is in good shape. Also pictured is the original French steering column lock with keys. It is quite a comfortable Mini and with a good cleaning and vinyl treatment it would really come back to life. 

In total this Cooper would be a stellar road car and is perfect for someone that either will love it as is or do some panel replacement and rust repair and an eventual repaint to make it a very rare show car. If you are interested in having us tackle some of the recommended items let us know as we can work out a package deal.

Serviced & Listed by Wild Child Classic Cars, LLC - This vehicle is part of the Slomiski Collection and for sale. Please contact us for any questions or inquires, as we manage this collection.

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