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vehicles for sale

all vehicles listed here are private party sales through the vehicle's owner. We just handle listing of the vehicles and questions. All vehicles listed have been inspected by us and meet standards unless otherwise noted.

All Classic minis

A list of all classic minis for sale. All minis 1959-2000, small to large engines, everything is located here.

Classic minis:

A/C Equipped

Looking for a mini with ice-cold air conditioning? Look no further. Everything in this list is equipped with functional A/C.

Classic minis:

CA Compliant

Live in California? Then you need a 1974 or older mini to legally register it in the state of California. This section is just pre-75 minis.

Rare Minis

Looking for something that only you will have? This list consists of  most rare and limited edition models. 


Can't drive manual or want an automatic so everyone can drive? We got you covered. This section is automatic cars only.

Left Hand Drive

Right hand drive cars not suiting your fancy? That is ok, this section is exclusively left hand drive. 

Other classic cars:

All Other Classics

Looking for something other than classic minis? You will find them here. This is all non-mini model cars for sale.

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