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1960 Austin countryman




CA Compliant!

Engine Size: 997cc pre-A+

Mileage: 78000

Gearbox Type: Manual (Remote)

Fuel Delivery Type: Twin HS2

Color: Red

Drive Side: LHD

Optional Equipment: Fold down rear seat. 

Items Recommended: Maintenence.
(Contact for Inspection Notes)

Here is a very hard to find Mini model. This very early 1960 Austin Countryman is a Left Hand Drive model still equipped with it's original internal fuel tank. These Woody Minis are very tough to find in this configuration still. Powered by an early Cooper drivetrain, this is a tidy little car. Sold on a clean Massachusetts title.

The exterior is overall in very good shape, finished in a single stage red paint. It polishes up very well as pictures show, but there are a few trouble spots and blemishes. There is some rust bubbling in the A panels and typical places, as many Mk1 Minis exhibit. The floors, sills, and flitch panels have been patched up over the years, and in the long term the shell may need some rust repair to be perfect, however structurally it is ok. Some minor wear on the wood trim, however it is all present. We figure a good coat of lacquer could really bring it back to life. Glass is in great shape, and all sliders and trim are functional and present. Everything is riding on black painted steelies with Yokohama A008 tires.

The interior of this Woody is in exceptional shape. Seats are nice and plush with very little wear, and the rear seat is of the correct fold down type. Carpeting is all good, and the wood dash overlay really ties it together. Some auxiliary gauges have been added, along with a smaller sportier steering wheel. Really this Countryman would be a great road trip car, as it has plenty of space for people and storage, as was the idea from the start.


Under bonnet the original anemic 848cc powerplant has been changed to an early 997 derived from a Cooper tied to a 4 speed remote 3 synchro Cooper box. Although it isn't a firebreathing 1275, this engine equipped with Twin HS2 carbs and a performance exhaust is more than capable to have fun in. The brakes have also been swapped to early 7" disc brakes, again good enough for a driver, but better options can be fitted later. As stated this is a driver quality Mini, but we do recommend some various services such as maintenance, suspension work, and cooling system upgrades. The engine fires right up and makes great oil pressure, the gearbox shifts well, and even with some saggy cones it actually rides quite comfortably. 

Honestly this is a very good car for the price, and would be right at home as a driver, or with some rust repair and mechanicals would be a very good base for a concours restoration. Any and all services on the car can be packaged with it's purchase for a discounted rate, so don't hesitate to ask.

 Serviced & Listed by Wild Child Classic Cars, LLC - This vehicle is part of the Slomiski Collection and for sale. Please contact us for any questions or inquires, as we manage this collection.

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