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Genuine ACL tri-metal road quality main bearing set for all pre-A+ 998 small bore engines, and some 1098 engines using 1.750" mains like Spridget or Minors. These bearing are a quality replacement for any street engine, but for heavy competition use check out our range of ACL race bearings. These are also suitable for late 848cc and 997cc. Avalible in STD, +.010, +.020, +.030, and +.040. 


Will not fit "10CC" 1098 engines as used in some Spridgets, Minors.

Main Bearing Set - 998/1098 CG (Pre-A+)

SKU: AEM3314

Pre-A+ 998cc engines, "10CG" 1098cc engines using 1.750" mains.

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