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Save some money and make some power with our performance "staged" bolt-on kits. These kits are one of the first modifications many Mini enthusiests do, as they are often the best power for dollar thing you can do for your A series engine. 


This kit is designed for all standard and mild tuned small bores using a single HS4 or HIF38 carburetor, and  boasts a possible 15% increase in BHP and 8% to Torque. Includes a freeflow header, downpipe, twin box muffler system, exhaust mounting kit, alloy "Torquemaster" intake manifold, AAU carburetor needle, high flow performance air filter for standard airbox, our custom 3D printed airbox snorkel, and gaskets.


Does not fit twin carb models. If you have non-standard set-up please contact us for a custom kit.


Will fit automatics with modifications to the govenor linkage. LWB models require longer downpipe.

Performance Stage 1 Kit - 998/1098


All 848, 998, 1098 Mini saloons w/ single HS4 or HIF38. 

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