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Replacement lightened flywheel for early pre-Verto cars using later pre-engaged starters (w/ solenoid on starter). If you are using the early inertia starter (remote mounted solenoid) you need C-AEG421. Weighing 9.9lbs, This is a good flywheel weight for a daily driver up to modified weekend warrior cars.


A lighter flywheel will drastically reduce acceleration times and power loss at high rpm. But too light of a flywheel will cause drivability issues on a road car. This lightweight street performance flywheel is perfect for a mildly tuned road car as it will improve acceleration and top end power while still allowing for reliable road performance.

Lightened Street Flywheel - Pre-Verto (w/ Pre-Engaged Starter)


Minis w/ pre-Verto clutch systems, using pre-engaged starters.

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