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Brand new reproduction discharge hose for 1275 Minis equipped with later R134a A/C systems with side mounted alloy condensers. This reproduction is slightly different than the factory hose and features a thicker hose, and runs from the compressor to the condenser. This hose is one of the most stressed out hoses of the AC system as it recieves hot, high pressure refrigerant directly from the compressor. These hoses are made in house with new fittings and high quality R134a compliant hoses, and features a new R134a high side port. 


Supplied with new HBNR o-rings. These fit 1275cc original systems, but many A/C systems can have swapped compressors / condensors. These hoses will fit systems with compressors with manifold fittings / condensers with angled inputs. 

Air Conditioning Discharge Hose - Side Mounted Condenser 1275cc (Late Type)


JDM Minis w/ R134a A/C and 1275cc engines with side mounted aluminum condensers. 

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