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Fully assembled ready to bolt up 5 speed rod change gearbox. These gearboxes are an amazing modification for just about any Mini. If you are looking for a transmission that will give you acceleration AND low rpm on the freeway, look no further. This is the best of both worlds!


Using a standard 4 speed gearbox as a base, theyse gearboxes are fitted with a new close ratio gearset and overdrive 5th gearset, creating a reliable 5 speed that fits just the same as a factory 4 speed. All bearings, synchros, and wear items are brand new, and includes a rebuilt differential. Sold outright, with no core charge. Supplied without speedometer drive or input gear.


We have used these in multiple restorations and have put tens of thousands of miles and multiple competition events on our shop Mini's and we have no complaints. 

1st gear 3.282
2nd gear 1.966
3rd gear 1.283
4th gear 1-1
5th gear .882 


3.444 final drive it gives an effective 5th gear final drive ratio of 3.037. 

Special order item.

5 Speed Rod Change Gearbox - 3.44 Final Drive


Minis w/ rod change shifters and pot joint axles.

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