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Gasket set for all manual gearboxes. Will fit magic wand, remote, and rod change boxes. Includes everything you should need for the gearbox down except for the rod change selector to case o-ring, pre-rod change style selector seal, and speedometer pinion driveshaft seal, all availible seperately. 


Includes: 3/4 sync gearbox gaskets, transfer cover gasket, magic wand/remote and rod change diff cover gaskets, two diff end plate gaskets, half moon seal, speedo pinion takeoff gasket, speedo worm drive cover gasket, two oil pickup gaskets, gearbox end cover gasket, breather gasket, rod shift seal, and a copper sump plug crush washer.


Does not include clutch seal.

Gasket Set - Manual Gearbox


All manual Minis, Metro, Austin America.

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