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Standard copper head gasket kit for 848, 997, 998, and 1098 engines. Includes most everything you will need from the head up. We do advise using valve stem seals on all valves, but this kit only supplies 4.


 Includes: Standard copper head gasket, manifold gasket, rocker cover gasket, heater outlet gasket, two thermostat housing gaskets, three HS4 carb gaskets, six HS2 carb gaskets, two HS2 carb to aircleaner gaskets, one HS4 carb to aircleaner gasket, FOUR standard valve stem seals.


We recommend using a copper coat spray and new head fasteners during installation.  

Head Gasket Set - Small Bore (Copper)

SKU: AJM1250
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All 848, 948, 997, 998, 1098 A series engines.

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