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Wild Child's complete Mega-Cool Kit. Stop wasting time and money trying to keep your Mini's engine running Cool! The Mega-Cool kit has all of our best tried and true components in it and is a direct swap in factory replacement for a very good deal. 


We think these are the best cooling systems available, and we have plenty of local customers driving their Minis in heavy traffic, at high rpm, and during races. Here in Arizona summer temps can be upwards of 117 Degrees. For severe duty and competition applications check out our Mega-Cool PLUS system. 


Each Kit Includes:

-1x "Mega Cool" 2 Core High Flow Radiator (Brass / Copper)

-1x Evolution High Flow Polymer Water Pump 

-1x 160 Degree Custom Drilled Thermostat 

-1x Thermosat Housing Gasket (2 Required for sandwich plate cars)

-1x Water Pump Gasket

-1x Bottle of Hy-Per Lube Additive


-Select Configurations Include a Kevlar Bypass Hose suitable for both Large & Small Bore engines.


Don't forget to get a screw in fan sensor or any additional gaskets that may be needed, and check out our Silicone Hose sets to complete your cooling system overhaul! We also strongly recommend fitting a 15psi radiaitor cap GRC207 for maximum performance!

Mega-Cool Cooling System Kit

PriceFrom $349.99

All Minis with side mounted radiators. Some modifications to the fan shroud may be required on early shrouds and 848cc applications may need the water pump clearance checked. 

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