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Replacement synchro ring (also known as a baulk ring) for A-series gearboxes. Often a crunch while shifting into gear (usually second is the first to make noise) is a tell-tale sign of a worn out synchro. Continuing to drive with a bad synchro will cause further damage to the gearbox and eventually destroy the gears. All Minis and later Ribcase gearbox Morris Minors and Spridgets used this steel replaceable type, but some early Smoothcase Spridgets and Minors used a non-replaceable brass type. 


If you have a high performance engine and find yourself burning out baulk rings constantly, check out our upgraded type. 

Synchro Ring

SKU: 22G2033EVO

All Minis 59-00, Spridgets and Morris Minors w/ Ribcase gearboxes.

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