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If you are looking to revamp the interior of your center binnacle Mini then this is a wonderful option for a very good price. This "Monte Carlo" style pattern is similar to what was fitted to the early Mk1/2 Minis, and has been recreated for Mk3 onwards cars with roll up windows. This kit is available in a variety of colors, and will fit any 1973 to 1996 Mini saloon using center binnacle instruments. Made in UK. Be sure to get enough door panel clips (GFK7509) to fit your new interior properly!


Includes one pair of oval speedo upper dash panels, padded lower dash liner, pair of door panels, pair of rear panels, rear door pocket liners, wheel arch covers, and a rear parcel shelf insert.

Interior Trim Panel Kit - Monte Carlo Pattern (73-76 / Center Binnacle) )

PriceFrom $499.99

Mini saloons 1973-76, or 76-96 using center binnacle conversion.

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