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Save some money and make some power with our performance "staged" bolt-on kits. These kits are one of the first modifications many Mini enthusiasts do, as they are often the best power for dollar thing you can do for your A-series engine. 


This kit is designed for all standard and tuned injection Minis, both SPI and MPI, and boasts a possible 12% increase in BHP and 6% to Torque. It also will work with the standard catalyst. Includes a freeflow 2-1 header, downpipe, single box RC40 muffler system, exhaust mounting kit, high flow performance air filter for standard injection airbox, and gaskets.


If you want to go a step further, our catalytic converter delete pipe (C-ARA664) can be also used for another bump up in power!

Performance Stage 1 Kit - SPI/MPI


Minis w/ Injection 1992-00.

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